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Hell Hound On My Trail

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Fall Apart
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Blues Train
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Alice Rose is a singer/song writer from Kent who also plays guitar and cello.
Always a performer, she discovered her love for writing songs during her time
at the BRIT school, where she trained in music. Since leaving collage, Alice Rose
has performed at Glastonbury Festival, written songs with Ray Davies and most
recently opened a show for Parikrama, India’s biggest rock band.
She takes inspiration for her songs from the wide range of music that she was
brought up on - from Mozart to Frank Zappa. Her main influences include
Richard Thompson, The Beatles and more recently King Charles.
Her songs are mostly upbeat and quirky with a few slower, thought
provoking tunes thrown in. Alice is a familiar face around her home town
of Tunbridge wells, gigging around the local businesses and as busker. 
Alice Rose performs as a solo act until recently when she became part
of Cherokee Rose. She has been gigging around Kent, East Sussex and
London and anywhere else she can her hands on!

           Alice Rose